Liberia, Guanacaste

Liberia is a larger town located in the Province of Guanacaste. This town is one of the bigger ones in northern Costa Rica, and is the last city before you’d drive into Nicaragua. 

Shopping + Close To Beaches

Liberia is a larger town on the west side of Costa Rica. It has an international airport, which is conveniently located should you be travelling to northwest coast. It also has loads of store and shops, with prices much lower for some items than you would find in the smaller coastal towns.

Our walk begins at the corner of Av 1 and Calle 1, which has the Central Church of Liberia on one corner. We’ll check out the Church and Welcome to Liberia sign, then head over to Parque Mario Canas Ruiz.

You’ll notice that Liberia is quite busy, although there are still families and kids walking around. The roads are travelled at a decent pace by cars, I hadn’t seen any excess speeding and the side roads felt safe as well. This area has lots of shops and stores to check out.

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Museum & Parques!

Kiddie corner to the Parque, there’s Museo de Guanacaste – a museum in the middle of town. A few streets further west we’ll check out Parque Hector Zuniga Rovira. This is a nice green space with some body weight exercise equipment installed. There’s a grocer at the corner of Calle 8 and Av 1 which has lots and lots of fresh produce. It’s a nice place to stop for a cold drink.

Back on the main road, Av 25 de Julio, there’s bigger stores and government buildings. Very well kept and clean appearance. There’s cool statues lining the median of the street as well.

Our walk ends when we go under the Inter American Highway. This is a raised bypass highway that is the main conduit from north/south. Around this area, there’s a gas station and many fast food shops you’d be used to seeing in North America.

Travelling in Costa Rica is much easier when you know some conversational Spanish. Many locals will understand English, but it will ease your experience by knowing some basic Spanish in advance. You'll be able to ask better questions and understand signs/shop owners. I recommend using Rosetta Stone before you even leave for your trip, and when you arrive you can refine your conversational skills.

Worth The Trip!

If you’ve just moved to the Guanacaste area and are looking for a big box store to stock up on household items, check out Pequeno Mundo. They had very cheap prices on groceries and houseware, and they didn’t require a membership to shop.

Liberia is a great place to stay if you’re planning on visiting and renting a car. It’s centrally located to both the beaches of Coco and Tamarindo, as well as National Parks. For longer visits, you can also drive to Samara area or La Fortuna for trips.

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