Playa Penca

There’s a white sand beach located between Playas del Coco and Playa Hermosa, in Guanacaste. Let’s drive out there and see it! 🇨🇷

Our drive starts off on Route 159, which is the main road into Playa Hermosa from the direction of Sardinal District. This is a paved and well maintained road.

Between Two Amazing Towns

About half way to Playa Hermosa, you’ll see a green tarped fence along a bend in the road, this is the entrance to Accesso Playas Penca y Calzon. The two white sand beaches – Penca and Calzon, are along this road. Calzon is the closest, you may see in the video that there are cars parked before disembarking for Penca. This is the parking location for Playa Calzon.

Our first stop is at Mirador Playa Penca, which is an observation stop that allows for an amazing view of Playa Hermosa and Culebra Bay.

We’re heading all the way out to Playa Penca, which is at the tip of the rocks. The road can be carved out fairly well. Having a 4×4 with high ground clearance will make this road more navigable. This was on a very dry day, so although there were ruts with and across the road, the hard pack was fairly easy to go along.

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Walk To Paradise

When you park at the end, there’s a slight walk down further to the beach. Don’t expect to be able to pull up to this beach, as there are permanent barriers in place. A small cooler and some lawn chairs would be easy enough to walk down with.

Playa Penca is an impeccable white sand beach with very calm water. The water at the time of filming was around lowest tide. There’s fish and crabs in the water – this beach will be great for snorkeling. A boat dropped off tourists on this beach so instead of driving you can surely find a small boat to bring you to this location. Ask around in Playa Hermosa or Playas del Coco.

Travelling in Costa Rica is much easier when you know some conversational Spanish. Many locals will understand English, but it will ease your experience by knowing some basic Spanish in advance. You'll be able to ask better questions and understand signs/shop owners. I recommend using Rosetta Stone before you even leave for your trip, and when you arrive you can refine your conversational skills.

Worth The Trip

Playa Penca stands out as an amazing white sand beach with crystal clear water. Already surrounded by other great beaches in Hermosa and Coco, this beach is well worth the trip. Try snorkeling in the water or just enjoying the sun. 

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