Planning on visiting Guanacaste in Costa Rica? I’m sure Tamarindo is on your short list of destinations in the area. This town is known for its surfing and eco-tourism.

Check Out The Beach

Tamarindo is well known for its amazing beach. Although it fully faces the Pacific, it has easy breaking waves and depth which is great for novice surfers. There’s ample surfing instructors on the beach, and on the main drag, who can take you out for some lessons. If you’re comfortable you can also rent a surf board.

Most of the beach is also great for swimming and relaxing. Kids really enjoy searching for seashells in the tide pools that form during lower tides.

If you’re a most advanced surfer, beaches to the north like Playa Grande will likely be more challenging.

surfing in tamarindo
Easy breaking waves and a long run out

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Walk Around In Town

Tamarindo can be fairly congested when driving in. Once you find parking it’s best to leave the car for the day and check out the town by walking.

On the main drag, you’ll find lots of restaurants that have an ocean view. There’s many unique shops that offer clothing, souvenirs, excursions. 

Stuff can be more expensive on the drag, so remember to bring your own sunscreen and similar items. Otherwise you’ll pay top dollar for it in the shops.

There is a Super Compro which is close enough to the beach, where you’ll find big water bottles and other goods for much cheaper than shops directly on the beach.

The main drag in Tamarindo

Protect your gear with a waterproof fanny pack. These are great as you can be confident that nothing will get wet as you tour Costa Rica. You definitely don't want to leave important items on the beach, so with these packs you can explore the water without constantly watching your stuff!

Finish The Day With Great Food

If you head towards the Super Compro, you’ll actually stumble upon a really great kids park. The park has a skate park, jungle gym and basketball court. 

Directly across from this park we ate at a restaurant called “The Roof”. They offered delicious pizza and an amazing view to enjoy. 

Check Google Maps Here for directions to The Roof and reviews

Kids park with a big Tamarindo sign

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