Liberia Shopping

Liberia is a medium sized city in Costa Rica, Guanacaste. It’s a 10 minute drive from the International Airport. If you’re heading to Playas del Coco or Tamarindo, Liberia is a great location to go shopping for some supplies and gear to get the best out of your trip.

Many coastal towns are sparse for shopping options. Liberia has lots to choose from: Supermarkets, Surplus Stores, Car Parts and Department Stores. It’s a larger town but never really feels too busy. 

Our family enjoys heading into Liberia once in a while to walk the town, checking out thrift stores and art supply shops. 

Check out our video of an ambient walk through Liberia to get a sense of the town HERE

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El Rey - Super Discount Store

The first store we’ll check it is El Rey. This store is tucked back off the main road. It’s easy to miss as you drive by, but well worth stopping to check out.

It’s a store with just about everything. The part the kids love most is the massive section of candy. There’s treats we’ve not seen anywhere else, and the kids love grabbing some bags of candy.

El Rey has houseware at a price you’d see at dollar stores in North America. There’s some low price clothing as well. They also have a decent selection of small tools like screw drivers, drills and car parts.

Ekono - Nice Department Store

Ekono is a department store that has a bit higher prices, but offers more trendy and higher quality items. You’ll find Ekono’s in larger cities like Liberia, San Jose, Puntarenas and Jaco.

A comparable store we had in Canada is The Bay, although Ekono’s are generally smaller. You’ll find similar stuff like clothing and houseware. 

If you’re into fitness, you can also find some smaller items at Ekono. There’s quality yoga mats, kettlebells and dumbbells for your beach workouts. You can expect prices a bit higher than what you’d find on Amazon in North America, but that’s the case with most imported/heavy goods here in Costa Rica.

Ekono in Liberia is on the main road as well, a short walk up from El Rey. There’s lots of on street parking in the main road, as well as the side roads. Check out some of the restaurants in the area as well (Foodnication and Twenty’s are great options).

Toys! A Lot of Toys, Actually

Head north in town a few blocks and you’ll find the area of the bus terminals. There’s a lot of options for shopping around there, but the one that the kids love the most is Toys.

This three story toy store has loads and loads of toys, from building blocks, puzzles, toy cars, and stuffed figures. Kids really enjoy walking through the store and seeing all these toys in one place. 

Toys is a very unique store in Costa Rica and we’re fortunate to have it so close to the beaches on the Pacific. 

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