Farmer’s Market Liberia

Today’s video is at the Liberia Farmer’s Market, which occurs on Thursday’s and Friday’s. To find the Market, you’ll head to the north side of Liberia. If you take the Inter American Hwy, stay on the local road rather than the raised thorough route. When you arrive at ‘Trans 8’ you’ll turn right on this side road. This road has the local police station which is very identifyable.

Grand Rose Entrance

You’ll travel about 200 meters, and then see the rose colored grand entrance to the fair grounds. You can park on the side of the road, there will usually be a gentleman who will watch your car and assist with getting back on the road. You can pay these lads about 1000-2000 colones for their services.

The entry to the farmers market is free, and there’s lots of vendors with various foods and goods. You’ll see some vendors with clothes, cosmetics and essential oils.

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Fresh & Vibrant Food

Most vendors have various fruits and vegetables. Lots have various roots, oranges and pineapples. Some of the vendors will carry rambutan and water apples. There are also guanabana zapote available, which I have seen on less occasions.

You can expect to pay a few dollars for a very large amount of most of the foods. It’s a great opportunity to stock up on a weekly basis with your fresh foods directly from the farmers.

zapote fruit costa rica
Zapote Fruit Fresh From The Farmer

A Weekly Adventure

If you’re staying in Guanacaste for an extended period, the farmer’s market is worth visiting every week. It’s easiest to get there by car, but there are bus services that head to Liberia from all the surrounding towns. 

If you’re visiting for a short time, stop by on a Thursday or Friday while you visit Liberia to sample some of the great fruits and vegetables.

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