Poza Los Coyotes

Let’s head out to a really great river/waterfall system in Guanacaste. Today’s video we’ll be driving to and exploring Poza Los Coyotes.

This track of amazing water features is easy to get to an not too far from Liberia, which is a larger town in Guanacaste. Liberia is central to places like El Coco, Tamarindo, and La Fortuna.

Not Far At All

We’ll start by driving north on Route 1, which is the main conduit from north to south. After leaving Liberia, drive for about 10 kilometers. You’ll see a clearly marked sign with for Poza Del Coyotes, but to ensure you don’t miss the turn be sure to program your map for the trip.

Once you turn on right, you’ll find a long gravel road. This road is very well maintained, and aside from a couple slightly rutted locations, it’s a very easeful drive. Just about any vehicle can make the trip to the final location.

You’ll be driving about 5 kilometers along this gravel road, be sure to watch for wildlife in the trees as your driving. You never know what you’ll see in Costa Rica. You’ll reach a right hand turn, but you’ll stay straight on the gravel road.

Arrival At Coyotes

When you arrive at Poza Los Coyotes, there’s a clearly marked gate with attendant. The cost to enter at this location is 1000 colones/person. On our arrival, we were advised to park immediately at the gate and walk the remainder of the way down to the river. I can only surmise that this is due to the condition of dirt road during rainy season. Perhaps in dryer season the road would allow to drive directly down to the river. Today we walk, though.

About 200 meters down this road, there’s a gentleman renting out life jackets and inflatable tubes for 1000 colones. At the location where the equipment rentals are, the paths split in 3 main ways.

rough road
A Bit Of Mud On The Road From The Parking Lot

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Three Distinct Locations

The first area, which is north along the river, will take you to a really nice area where you can jump in the water. We tried some higher jumps from about 20 feet after testing the depth ourselves. There also seems to be kayaking that you can do, further north up the river against the current. On this occasion, it had rained heavily the night before so the water was fairly strong and deep.

The second branch of path will take you do a picturesque part of the river, where it converges and over eons has cut through the rocks. The result is a strong current with small waterfalls and little pools of water which leads further into this chasm. The gentleman from the tube rental assisted us with locating the path to go directly down to the water where it’s power is clearly on display. It was a very memorable experience.

The third path, which is south from the rentals, will take you about 400 meters along the water. You can’t see the water from the path, but you’ll eventually head down a slight hill where you’ll find the bottom of the waterfall system that cuts through the rocks. This is where the inflatable tubes would be handy, as you will be able to float into the canyon with the rocks towering above you on either side.

water cave poza los coyotes
Water Cutting Through The Rock - Beginning Of The Cueva

Travelling in Costa Rica is much easier when you know some conversational Spanish. Many locals will understand English, but it will ease your experience by knowing some basic Spanish in advance. You'll be able to ask better questions and understand signs/shop owners. I recommend using Rosetta Stone before you even leave for your trip, and when you arrive you can refine your conversational skills.

In General

On the day we came, closing time at 6pm was soon, and the water appeared to be very powerful. For young kids it, the outflow from the canyons may have been too powerful to accomplish. Of course, in dry season with less daily rain and less powerful current, I anticipate that the canyon would be a very easeful and enjoyable swim.

Consider the cost and the proximity to Liberia, I highly recommend visiting Poza Los Coyotes. The water is blue as can be, and the flora is incredible.

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