Playa Tapustxuna

Welcome to Playa Tapustxuna, an amazing white sand beach in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Let’s drive out to this beach and check out the water.

Starting In Nuevo Colon

You’ll likely be starting your trip along Route 911, which is an east/west road going from Sardinal District To Neuvo Colon. There’s a small store with food in Nuevo Colon just before you turn north towards the beach.

You’ll see signs when heading westbound for Riu Guanacaste, which is a large hotel along this route. Take this road, which is well paved, for about 10 minutes.

You’re going to pass a coffee shop called Coraline Lomas del mar, which is in the area of several vacation homes tucked away in the mountain.

hotel riu
Hotel Riu - You're about half way when you reach it

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On To The Dirt

You’ll eventually reach Riu Guanacaste hotel, which has a large entrance with security. At this point, the road transitions from paved to dirt. You’ll want a vehicle that can handle off-road driving as the rest of the road as some water crossings and very rutted out tracks. 

Follow along this road, staying on the main way, for about 10 minutes. You’ll see several branches off the road but they aren’t as well travelled so just stick to the track. You’ll reach a point where you do have to turn left to continue further north along the beach. If you don’t you’ll end up at the west end of Matapalo Beach, which is essentially the same beach. 

For this video, we continue on though, towards Playa Tapustxunya. You will shortly after head up, then down a small hill. You may find cars parked there already, or may not. Look for a prominent barbwire fence on the right hand side, with a small opening for pedestrians. 

pedestrian access
Look For This To Stop And Park

Walk To The Beach

You’re going to have about 5 minutes of walking over uneven terrain before arriving at the beach. We brought our snorkeling equipment, coolers and blankets with ease. A backpack is very useful as well.

Once you arrive at the beach, you’ll find white sand and easy waves. This beach is amazing for relaxing. For snorkeling, there isn’t much to see, but the run out from shore is very steady. It wasn’t very deep even at about 50 meters from the beach.

I highly recommend visiting this beach to relax and enjoy the sun. The water is very calm and great for swimming and wading. 

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