Playa Potrero

If you’re visiting Costa Rica and enjoy beaches, Potrero should be on your short list of towns to stay in. It’s very close to the Liberia Airport, and even closer to many amazing beaches on the Pacific Coast.

Potrero has two distinct areas along the same beach front, with different amounts of shops, restaurants and accommodations.

The North End

This end of the beach is tucked right up against rocky peninsula at the north end of the beach. You’ll find a lot of “Soda’s” in the area, which are small restaurants, often offering delicious local food. There’s also a beach front restaurant called Las Brisas Potrero Restaurant Bar, which has an ocean view and great breeze.

This end of the beach is much less travelled than further south. It’s great for walking or bicycling around, and you’ll always be within walking distance to the beach.

For some accommodation options, consider Vilaggio Sueno al Mar, which is an area with lots of Casitas and swimming pools. Hotel Bahia Esmeralda is also right at the main junction near the beach.

Check out VRBO for vacation rentals in Potrero, which often has units for rent within Vilaggio.

One great thing about staying on the north end of Potrero is Playa Penca(not to be confused with the beach of the same name near Coco). This Playa Penca is highly reviewed be visitors and easily visited by walking.

potrero beach near hotel bahia esmeralda
North End of Playa Potrero

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Central Potrero

As you continue along to the main area of Potrero, you’ll find it to be more built up. There’s all kinds of restaurants to choose from along the main drag, which are very close to the beach.

Try out Perlas, The Shack or Nita Coffee along the main drag, or enjoy an ocean side meal at Hemingway’s Beachfront Bar and Restaurant.

This area also has many accommodation options for you, including small condos, hotels, and entire houses for rent. If you’re looking to be closer to amenities, this area is great.

The central shopping area of Potrero.

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Main Beach Area

For a great view of both ends of the beach, and amazing white sand, check out the main beach of Potrero.

Further to the south, you’ll get a great view of Playa Flamingo and the Marina. To the north you’ll get awesome mountain views.

The beach is very calm for swimming, and would be a great experience to head out in a kayak or paddle board. The white sand would make for a great day of relaxing while the kids play in the water and sand. 

Right in the middle - Playa Potrero

Potrero is definitely a place worth visiting during your trip to Costa Rica. If you’d like a quiet town with lots to see, it’s for you. You’re also very close to surfing in Playa Grande and Tamarindo, and to natural experiences like waterfalls just a bit further inland. 

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