Sloth Seeing

Sloths are a staple animal to see for any tourists to Costa Rica. Today we’ll be visiting Sloth’s Ecological Farm. This location is in Bijagua de Upala, in Guanacaste Province. 

Getting There

If you’re not yet in Costa Rica, be sure to check Expedia for flights. Compare different dates, airports, and layovers to find the best price before you come check out the sloths.

Sloth’s Ecological Farm is actually on the way towards Rio Celeste. If you’re visiting that amazing waterfall, add the Sloth tour to your itinerary. We have a video on Rio Celeste you can check out Here.

It’s likely you’ll start from Highway #1, the main highway from North – South in Guanacaste. Just north of a town called Canas, there’s a built up highway overpass with a turn on Highway #6. Take this road for about 45 minutes. Be prepared to use caution – on our way back from the tour there was very heavy rain. If this happens, slow down and put your hazard lights on.

When you arrive at Bijagua de Upala, you’ll find a small town with supermarkets, restaurants and gift shops. This town is the main stop before tourists continue on to Rio Celeste. Fortunately, the Sloth Tour is only a few minutes outside of town. 

As you pass “Pizzeria El Barrigon”, turn on the next street to the right. From there, I suggest using Waze or Google Maps to guide you to the Reception Area. 

view of the mountains
View of the mountains from the reception area

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Check In With Staff

When we arrived, we called the listed phone number and several staff/guides came down to meet us. The number is:


If you’re looking to confirm that the business will be open before you head there, call or text them ahead.

We had a tour guide, Tristan, who offered to show us around the property. The price was $12 USD for adults and $5 USD for kids. Be sure to give a bit extra to the tour guide as a tip, as they do lots of work and are very knowledgeable. 

unique plant in costa rica
Shampoo Ginger Plants - Zingiber Zerumbet

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Sloths & More

As our guide explained, the sun was out so the sloths will be more active. We managed to see two adolescent sloths fairly close to the ground. It was great for the kids to see, and made for some awesome photos. Our guide also pointed out a few bigger sloths, relaxing higher in the trees.

This location is also a farm, and they have a small animal section. The kids loved holding rabbits and guinea pigs. There’s also several areas with various trees like plantains that can be tasted.

Tree frogs were spotted on some trees, they are very well camouflaged. Without a guide, we’d for certain not have seen them. Tristan pointed out their eggs attached to a few leaves as well. 

These are a few examples of cool things we experienced on the tour. There’s lots more that you can check out for yourself when you visit.

If you’re looking to have an entire trip curated by our local experts and partners, check out our sister site at Crypto Vacations CR. We’ll put together an amazing set of experiences and locations to explore for your time in paradise!

sloth reaching for camera
Adolescent Sloth Lower In The Tree

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