Playas Gringo & Ocotal

Looking for some sweet beach spots in Guanacaste, Costa Rica? Check out Playa Ocotal and Playa Gringo!

Playa Ocotal

Playa Ocotal is like a little slice of paradise, tucked away just a quick drive from Coco. The beach is fringed by lush greenery, and the water is so crystal-clear you’ll want to dive right in. It’s the perfect spot to chill and recharge your batteries.

There’s only one spot to grab some grub, and that’s Father Rooster’s. But no need to worry, their food is killer and the drinks are refreshing. Just make sure to bring some sun protection to ward off those rays.

If you're heading out for an adventure, you're going to need some cold watch and snacks. Pick up a backpack cooler, which has ample room for what you'll need while you enjoy the beach. There is an added benefit of freeing up your hands to carry the fun stuff!

Playa Gringo

For a little more adventure, you have to check out Playa Gringo. It’s right next to Ocotal, and the hike there is pretty chill. Make sure to bring a lot of water, since there aren’t any stores or restaurants along the way. The trail is marked pretty well and isn’t too tough, but it’s still got some steep sections. But the payoff is huge once you get to the top of the hill and see the coastline stretching out before you.
Once you’re at Playa Gringo, it’s like you’ve stumbled onto your own little secret paradise. The beach is quiet, with these amazing rock formations and cliffs all around. And the water is perfect. Just keep in mind that the waves can be a bit strong, so be careful if you’re thinking of taking a dip.

Great Beaches In Guanacaste

So there you have it, two epic beach spots that you can’t miss. These beaches are just about a 45 minute drive from the Liberia International Airport and surrounded by accommodations. 

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