Cressi Snorkel

Are you heading to the beaches in Guanacaste? There’s amazing snorkeling in the area with many cool fish to see – right off the shore. Save money on rentals with your own set. This is the set I’ve been using and it works great!

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About This Snorkel Set

  • INCLUDES: Palau Short Lightweight Adjustable Fins – Low-Profile Design High-Grade Silicon Tempered Glass Lens Frameless Mask – 100% Dry Snorkel – Carry Mesh Bag
  • Low profile, Low internal volume mask design, Folds flat for easy carrying, Single lens design for wide field of vision, Tempered glass lens for extra durability
  • High-Grade silicone skirt bonded directly to lens, Double feathered edge skirt, Low internal volume for effortless clearing, Quick-adjust strap buckles, Wide field of vision
  • Special valve seals tube when submerged, Dry top design, Easy clear purge valve, Hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece and corrugated tube, Quick release snorkel keeper
  • Shorter lightweight and responsive blade, Fluid effortless kick, Blade extends from top of foot pocket for maximum surface area, Adjustable buckles, Ideal for Snorkeling, Swimming/Training, Body-Surfing and More


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